Reports Analyst

Reports Analyst


Reports Analyst
Posted 8 months ago

DOTW is hiring for Reports Analyst

General Scope:
The Reports Analyst is responsible for mining/collecting data and translating numbers into plain English, analyzing and maintaining performance trends and providing reports and insights to stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities:
Provide stakeholders essential reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis 
Gather data from primary or secondary data sources and maintain databases/data systems 
Interpret data and analyze results such as frequency of error, trends, and patterns using statistical techniques and provide ongoing reports 
In-charge of creating, introducing and maintaining high-level, team-level, and entry-level performance reports/dashboards 
Develop and implement strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality 
Closely work with CS Operations to prioritize business and information needs 
Locate and define new process improvement opportunities 
Restructure reports by applying possible automations

Key Competencies and Skills:
Excellent Communication and Interpersonal skills 
Active listening, ability to provide high-impact performance feedback, written and oral communication, written and oral presentation 
Using reports and presentations to explain complex technical ideas and methods to an audience of laymen 
Business fluent reading, writing and verbal English skills 
Analytical solution oriented: Employing best practices to analyze large amount of data while maintaining intense attention to detail and able to suggest solutions that are realistic, logical and in-line with business strategy 
Excellent planning and organizational skills 
Creative thinking: Questioning established business practices and brainstorming new approaches
Industry knowledge: Understanding what drives your chosen industry and how data can contribute to the success of a company/organization’s strategy 
Excellent critical thinking: Make decision and delegate to others 
Diversity awareness: Has been exposed to other culture and is able to work with remote sites 
Self-development and results oriented 
Adaptability/stress tolerance 
Conflict management: ensure positive outcome of any arising conflict by enhancing learning and group outcomes, including business effectiveness or performance 
Leadership/influence: Build trust with your stakeholders and colleagues, cultivate reliability by demonstrating work delivery through concrete actions and implementations 
Team support and work: Collaborate and support with other teams within and outside the Operations and CS department

Qualifications and Experience:
At least 2 years of experience in Business Analytics, Workforce Management, System Development or any related field 
Broad geographical knowledge 
Highly logical and has strong mathematical reasoning 
Excellent in MS Excel and other Analytical tools 
Experience in the travel or hospitality industry a plus 
MySQL database knowledge and VBA programming are required

Kindly send ur CV for below email
[email protected]

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